The easiest way to gather valuable data
from your leads and buyers

Survey Funnel creates automated survey funnels for your marketing so that
you can segment leads as they opt in and send their data to your CRM.

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Implement a survey-empowered marketing funnel
using three types of surveys:

  • Connector.

    1. Deep Dive Survey

    Send a survey to your audience to find out what their most pressing question is, and use the results to define 3-5 “buckets” that your prospects will fit into.

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    2. Bucket Survey

    Then, build a survey-based marketing funnel that captures and segments leads into the 3-5 buckets that you defined, and pass that data to your email provider or CRM.

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    3. Feedback Survey

    At the end of your email marketing series, send a “Do You Hate Me?” email to prospects who didn’t buy… to gather valuable data on what to offer those leads next.

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Want to discover the number-one question you
should be asking your audience today?

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The top reasons marketers love Survey Funnel…

1. Integrates with 99.9999% of CRMs

Survey Funnel Software integrates easily with nearly ALL email providers so that you can get the benefits of hyper-responsive segmented lists

2. Personalize your email copy based on age, gender, and more

Personalized emails that build trust with your prospect…

3. Redirect your prospects to new product offers and upsells

Customized follow-up and retargeting for increased conversions

Using just a few simple, multiple choice, automated questions, you now know:

  • Who your prospects are…
  • What their hot buttons are…
  • What their key objections are…

Which means that…

Based on their answers, you can show them the offer that best meets their needs:
In other words…the product they’re most likely to buy.

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to double or even triple your business and put it on autopilot:
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What Smart Marketers are Saying

Not only is the interface gorgeous and easy to use, the survey logic is intuitive and offers tons of flexibility. [] will take my marketing to a whole new level.
Robyn Jackson
If you haven’t implemented this yet, what are you waitin’ on? It works!
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No Code. No Development.
In Just a Few Clicks… is ready to lock and load with
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Integrates with all popular email providers


Personalize your email copy based on age, gender, and more


Redirect your prospects to new product offers and upsells

Light, Fast, and Super-Responsive

  • 100% Responsive and Mobile-Optimized for All Devices
  • Cloud-Based hosting means that your survey data
    is always safe and accessible
  • Lightning-fast load times for an optimal user experience
    that can handle any amount of traffic

Packed With Features, Backed By 24/7 Support

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    Easy drag-and-drop survey creation.

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    Unlimited surveys on unlimited sites

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    Seamless integration with all your sites and software

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    Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

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    Clear reporting and analytics for real-time feedback

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    Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

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    Lifetime Updates

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    24/7 Support

Using is like sitting down to have a chat with
each and every prospect about their needs and exactly
how you can provide the right solutions to their problems.

Very often, this begins a relationship where you have super-loyal clients
who will buy everything you offer them because
they trust you and your ability to know what they are thinking.

And the best part? It’s all automated, so it
literally sells for you while you sleep…

Customize Your Surveys, Emails, and Offers…

…based on your prospect’s answers to the survey questions! gives you the ability to use conditional logic.

At every step along the way, what your prospect sees will change,
based on how they answer the previous questions.

  • Increased survey response based on targeted questions…
  • Higher opt-in rates to laser-targeted list segments…
  • Personalized emails that build
  • instant trust with your prospect…
  • Customized follow-up and retargeting for increased conversions…

Increasing your sales and your ROI
at every point in the process.

Discover how allows you to fully customize your sales funnel
to double or even triple your business and put it on autopilot:
GET STARTED is easy to set up on your existing websites, and you can start in just minutes

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To truly understand the MASSIVE amount of valuable information
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Some common questions our customers ask

Are there any limits on the number of sites I can use this software on?

Nope! You can use to create survey funnels on an unlimited number of sites. There are ZERO limits.

Is hard to install?

The software has one-click integration with services like WordPress, Leadpages and Clickfunnels (not to mention a whole bunch more). And if you can point and click or copy and paste, you’ll find to be fast and painless to set up, no matter how you create your pages.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as PayPal payments.

Do you provide support if I have a question?

Yes! Our customer support team is on hand 24/7 to answer your questions or concerns. You’ll also get access to an extensive video training library walking you through how to use all the major functions of the software, step-by-step.

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