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How Chris Ducker Segmented His Audience Into 3 Types of Buyers

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Get started with these three popular surveys:

The New Product Survey

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The New Product Survey is designed to find out what your audience’s needs and interests are, and break those down into 3-5 segments.

The New Lead Survey

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The New Lead Survey is an upgrade to the traditional opt-in form. For each new lead you'll also identify their biggest challenge.

The Non-Buyer Survey

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Instead of writing off a non-buyer, create a quick one-question survey that asks "Why didn’t you purchase my course/book/offer?"

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Powerful features for building and segmenting your list

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Branch Logic

Branch Logic gives you the ability to say “If someone answers ‘Yes’ to Question A, show them Question B next”, but if they answer “No” to Question A, show them Question C next.”

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You can use Scoring in Survey Funnel to create a "Buzz Feed Style" score-based quiz for your audience. Assign a score to each answer option and create actions based on the total score.

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Rules is one of the most powerful features in the new Survey Funnel. You can use Rules to build a series of “if-then” statements that control what happens after the survey is submitted.

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Not only is the interface gorgeous and easy to use, the survey logic is intuitive and offers tons of flexibility. Survey Funnel will take my marketing to a whole new level.

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After your free trial, plans start at $24 per month and are based on completed surveys/leads. Up to 20 surveys per month is $24, Up to 40 is $40, unlimited for $70.